3DPRNWARE: 3D printing evolving

3DPRNWARE is the software to manage your 3DPRN printer with unique features like:

Dynamic Layer Height
It changes the print parameters in order to adapt the height of the layer according to the inclination of the surfaces.
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laser profile check

Laser Profile Check
laser control system capable of detecting anomalies of the material deposited during the print.
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UPS Integration
If the electricity fails, 3DPRNWARE will stop the print instantly.
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Dynamic Percentage Filling
It offers the possibility to define a different filling percentage in the vicinity of the floor in closed parts.
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Software owner of 3DPRN for 3D printing

Advanced System of 2.5D and 3D Milling
Now it is possible to add to the print milling phases related to flat surfaces, faces or edges.
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New Formats
Full openness to BREP geometry and a new professional format owner.
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Vibrated Print
It allows you to create a more or less rough surface according to our preferences.
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Print on Air
3DPRNWARE offers the possibility to print parts with small portions of undercut unsupported.
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Precise Z
The precision on the Z axis! Thanks to this function it is possible to obtain the exact height.
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Other characteristics

  • "Print per Area" mode
  • Multi-coil automatic gestion, for big prints.
  • End wire control. When the printing wire ends the printer pauses and waits for coil-change and then resume the print from where it stopped.
  • Recovery of the interrupted job.
  • Flatness: for large areas, automatic correction of imperfections in the plane with progressive attenuation.
  • Arches automatic reconstruction, in order to have a higher precision and fluidity on curved parts processings.
  • Arched X-axis . The objects can be printed undergoing a parametric arc deformation. In this case layers are made following the reference arch shape.
  • Automatic flow calibration procedure
  • Dimensional calibration procedure in order to achieve the highest precision
  • Different strategies for the highest quality
  • Advanced cooling of the object that is being printed
  • Nozzle cleaning management
  • Multi axis and multi extruder management
  • Multiprofile: more tha a profile can be applied to the same object
  • Customizable keys
  • Optimized Z handling mode for maximum precision

Sequential Area print

With 3DPRNWARE you can split the printing plane in many areas and print the objects sequentially area after area.
you can manage the print queue even when the print is already started adding/deleting objects.
For each area/object you can establish different slice parameters.
You can change the main parameters of the slicer in a straightforward way without the need to open external programs.
For the slice is used 3DPRN-SLICER, Slic3R or Care.

X2 Mode

Printer with two independent heads (X and Z axes). Possible working modes:

  • DUPLICATE: two copies of the same object are printed concurrently
  • MULTI-MATERIAL: a different material is combined to each head. The unused head is parked automatically so as it doesn't compromise the print quality of the active head
  • MULTI-TOOLS: the two heads are indipendent and on each of them can be mounted a different tool
  • RECTIFICATION: on the first head is/are mounted one/two extruders while the second head mounts a grinding cutter
  • X2-2 DOUBLE 3DPRINTER: you have two 3d printers completely indipendent that use half plane each


The 3D printer software 3DPRNWARE, besides being able to use the main slicer on the market, is accompanied by its own that uses innovative techniques to get qualitatively and structurally better items. Although very similar to the slicer used (slic3r, care, ...) presents an additional set of parameters such as "strategy for the perimeters", the "correctors Flow", the "flatness", "Z optimization", the "reconstruction Arches", "Z-axis arc," ... that make the difference in terms of results obtained.


Thanks to our 3D printer software the printing plate can be subdivided in N-AREAS and the various objects can be printed sequentially area after area. You can manage the print queue when the print is aleady started started by adding / removing objects. For each area / object it is possible to establish different slice parameters. With the multi-area objects are structurally more solid and also the risk of print failure is lowered.


In 3DPRNWARE are present a series of functions for the control of the automatic grinding / printing process in the X2-MILL mode. In the automatic rectification mode, 3DPRNWARE compares the solid to be printed with the milling tool geometry mounted in order to optimize the alternation of phases of printing and grinding.

Multi Coil

The multi-coil printing function, allows to make prints that require more than one coil. Shown the weight of the coil present on the printer, the software will pause the print before the filament ends and then restart when coil change occurred.

Complete Control

You have complete control of your 3D printer:

  • movements of three axes
  • temperature of the extruder
  • management of the axes and multiple extruders
  • Manual sending of G-CODE commands
  • You can visually check the overall dimensions of the extruder body while positioning the object on the printing plane

Arch Print Function

Printing with arched Z-axis.
The objects are printed considering the Z-axis arched and no longer linear. By program it is defined as the arc that the Z axis must follow during the print and any object placed on the plane is printed with curved layers deforming then the starting object. A dedicated function permits to print the template on which the object is printed.


No more failed prints ... by now you can resume working from the height at which it was interrupted.

Inserts Application

The function "Z pause" allows to stop the printi at a certain height in several ways:

  • to change the wire
  • to apply inserts during the print.

With the application of the inserts is possible for example to drown data, hinges, bearings ... in the inside of the object.

Extruder Calibration

Function that allows you to calibrate the extruder.

The 3DPRN printers involve the use of different types of extruders each of which, for example,can be optimized to print special materials. This makes necessary the calibration of the extruder just mounted.

Internal Slicer

With the 3DPRNWARE slicer you have got a lot of new options in order to obtain qualitatively better prints. Thanks to the continuos research activity, TIPS has developed new techniques for the professional use of 3DPRN printers. On the printing plate, the objects can be printed each with different slice parameters. At the same time any object may have more than one slice profile.


When the print area is very big, the planarity problem becomes important. 3DPRNWARE solves it with the Flatness functionality. Set a grid of points, on wich the plane quotes are detected, 3DPRNWARE maps automatically the surface that the program will follow during the print. The plane asperities are indgeed during the fist layer and smoothed during the following layers until they are completely annulled. This exclusive function is fundamental in particular for large 3D printers and it makes possible to use small nozzles in also those printers.

Print queue

In the "Print by Area" mode you can set up a works queue that have be done. During the print, you can append new jobs and/or change the queue itself. You can establish the areas subdivision as well as the sequence of objects that have to be printed .

Arch Reconstruction

As it is known, the objects for 3D printing are formed by faces that, through the slicer, are cut and transformed into linear movements. This means that whatever geometric shape has the object, the movement will always be linear. With 3DPRNWARE ARCH-RECONSTRUCTION the arcs which originally formed the object are automatically detected and reconstructed.

Which are the benefits?

  1. Better finish of the printed object.
  2. The curved parts definition is decided regardless the accuracy of the original object and it remains constant.
  3. The printer performs a single statement instead of dozens/hundreds/thousands, with the advantage of not overloading the buffer.
  4. The printer works with a constant speed over a wide range without the stops & goes that characterize parts and consisting of many small segments.
  5. Better dimensional match especially if you compare the external perimeters with internal emptyings.

Z axis reset and Multiple axes

With the functionalities provided it becomes very simple to reset the Z and to calibrate the offsets in the case of multiple axes. In the Z-axis and X2 or X2-2 the resetting takes place via high precision optical sensors.

Dimensional Calibration

Function that permits to calibrate the axes of your printer in order to obtain very precise pieces.
You have just to indicate the nominal dimensions of the object and those detected and the printer is automatically recalibrated.
With this function you can specify the backlash that could present between the belts and pulleys after thousands of hours of work.

Thanks to this software, you can get the most out of your 3DPRN machine!

Software for 3d printer
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