The 3DPRNWARE software born in the 3DPRN house, is constantly evolving thanks to a team of experts within it.
The Version the software is now available with new updates, which allow for even more detailed customization and precision of the printing process.

Ver. updates:

  • Ability to add additional perimeters every few layers
  • Possibility to activate / deactivate the solid fill areas in the inner perimeters, where it would present a difference between the innermost layer of contiguous perimeters
  • Export to HTML
  • Export PDF3D
  • Export LAS
  • Ability to choose the text font design
  • Best finish in the outer perimeters in the initial phase
  • Profile Check: added the possibility of being notified via email without pausing the machine; new firmware version 3.41
  • Improved the algorithm to set the stitching in one point and added a new option.
  • the angle of inclination of the filling Optimization
  • Strategy 2 rewritten. Quality further improved. Added the possibility of creating routes all in the same direction, both internal and external
  • New algorithm and new parameters for bridge
  • Added 4 types of seams that allow you to move automatically on the outer edges of the objects
  • The width of the inner perimeters may be different from that of the outer perimeters
  • The mini cleaning tower can now be made separately for each material
  • Possibility to automatically calculate the Z0 when starting a print, after heating the extruders and the table
  • Possibility to activate a perimeter around the filling which makes it more solid the same
  • Ability to set jerk separately for travel
  • Option for the seam with which the points are created so that they are all aligned
  • Ability to indicate a filling traverse each layer exchange
  • Ability to indicate a minimum of displacement for filling in order to avoid very small segments
  • Ability to set the cleaning tower if accomplish before the perimeters or filling
  • Ability to set the cleaning tower if you create a solid fill for the first layer
  • Possibility to build two cleaning towers, one for each material
  • individual media management
  • Improved simulation
  • Ability to set the accuracy of calculation of supports
  • Ability to set the distance between the supports and the object in mm
  • Ability to set the grid size for the calculation of the supports
  • Ability to set a different speed for the first and for the last solid layer
  • Possibility to process selective supports also for meshes (therefore also for STL files)
  • Ability to transform BREP objects MESH