POA Print on Air - How to Use

One of the weaknesses of 3D printing is definitely the printing of very inclined surfaces or undercuts.
In fact, to be able to print this type of surfaces, you must resort to the use of media or other expedients but they involve an increase in printing time and an additional material consumption.

With the innovative function Print on Air3DPRNYou can print these pieces without the use of media. Although the piece has undercut surfaces, this software feature will ensure definition and fidelity of the project.
One of the biggest advantages is found in the printing of objects with undercut areas contained within the object, which would require internal supports difficult, if not impossible to remove at the end of printing.

How to use this function:

We enter into configuration print profile and in tab SUPPORTwe will find the section "Vacuum press
The first step is enabled POA strategy.
Automatically, you will have the average values ​​of all the settings to achieve the release to air. However, according to the needs of the material and the piece undercuts, we can adjust the behavior of this printing strategy.

Print on Air does not claim to be the ultimate solution to the media but it is definitely a valuable tool for parts with no excessive projections and a starting point for future development.

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