Replace dell ’ extruder nozzle ’

To change the nozzle of the extruder body, first of all remove the wire loaded inside the extruder. Once this is done, leave the extruder hot at a temperature of at least 200 degrees. With the extruder heated, the aluminum extruder block must be locked with an adjustable wrench. With another key (size 7), unscrew the tip located under the extruder and screw the new tip.


From the software point of view we must:
– Repeat the Zero Zeta

If the new nozzle has a different diameter:
– in "settings" > tab ">" set the new Extruder nozzle size
– in "Slicer" > "settings" > "extruder #" > here also set the new nozzle diameter
– in "Slicer" > "settings" > "Geometry" > if you have disabled "automatic extrusion width" must also set here the new diameter
- in the "Slicer" tab, set the new flow in the filament section, press on gear and make the test print on which to take the measurements.

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