How to get quality media?

To obtain good quality media and easy removal is advisable to follow the following tips to set the profile parameters (3DPRNWARE v. 3.6 or later):

  1. Jobs at minimum temperature give a material permitted by extrusion solid printing (eg. PLA 190 degrees).
  2. Set a GEOMETRY section extrusion width for the media equal to 80% of the diameter of the nozzle.
  3. TEMPERATURES/cooling section in STAGES set to 100% fan speed for the media.
  4. In section EXTRUDER/FLOW set at a low value on "Media flow multiplier Checker"type 0.9.
  5. In the section ' set SPEED "Media Speed"an average value type 40 mm/s. This speed can be increased if there are no internal supports, and supports are quite large.
  6. Follow the directions in the help section by hovering over the description of the single parameter.

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