How do I replace an extruder?

In the manuals section there is the procedure for replacing the extruder with that emergency.
Today we will see how to disassemble an extruder to replace it.

Make sure you have at hand a Phillips screwdriver, that the 3D printer is off and no wire material inserted in the extruder.

To the left of the extruder is a fan, watching the anchor you can see 4 fan screws, we proceed with the unscrew 4 screws holding the body of the drawing of the extruder. Once unscrewed you can pull out the lock that will remain anchored to the fan.
Now proceed with the pull down on the extruder and it will exit from its remaining connected only to his cable.
You can now unplug the cable of the extruder from the end of the arm.
The fact that you removed the extruder, and you will be able to perform the same maneuver in reverse to reassemble the new extruder.
As soon as it will be followed by a short tunnel images in favor of less experienced.

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