Run the Z-zero


20 tool allows you to set the zero point of the platen. You will need to do this if it is replaced or dismantled the printing plate, in case you add a substrate (glass top, heated, more ...), or when we just didn't grip the first layer or too attached to the platen.
The procedure is simple and takes only a few minutes of attention. We start with reaching the "Tools" tab and select the tool "Zero Z".

In the window that opens, press the Z button home top left, in doing so, the z-axis will position at the highest point.


Also appear in the arrows that will allow us to control the arm on the Z axis.

Now we can place a sheet of paper on the floor at the projection of the extruder.


With arrows appeared in the lower arm up to handling the paper placed on the floor. Once the nozzle touches the paper much to put pressure on it but not enough to block it, press the "OK" button.

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