Try the firmware upgrade

Sometimes, to solve some problems of operation of the printer, or simply to add print, you need to perform the firmware upgrade.

The firmware upgrade with which must necessarily be provided by the same 3DPRN. When you receive the new firmware, you have to have will be a file with the extension ".hex".

If you have this file, you can proceed with the upgrade. To do so, simply go to the "Tools" of 3DPRN-WARE and click on the function "Firmware" (this should be done with the printer directly connected to the PC via USB).

After opening the "Firmware" window, just open the firmware file provided by 3DPRN

Once you open the file, you will only push the firmware upload button to begin the update

NB: During this operation, we must make absolutely sure that the printer is turned off and do it disconnected from the computer.

When the window the message "avrdude done. Thank you ", you can press the OK button green, and then exit the procedure.

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