Driving up-grade: reel support

Support-coil-view-from above

Let's see how to install the new coil.
First we need to position the anchor block of support. It is positioned to the side of the front panel in the back at the top, on the left or right to suit your needs. Therefore we support the anchor block so that all holes are within the angular momentum and mark it at the same, we can then make 4 holes of 3 mm and proceed by screwing the anchor block with screws and lock nuts.

To follow we set the support thread on the frame, in this case we have to score on the frame the holes, we will indeed make a pre 2.5 mm hole then screw self tapping screws support in dibond.

Now we can proceed to put the cable glands which are fastened with a screw and nut on the screw placed on dibond, and an angle when polycarbonate.

Insert the cable grommet from finefilo support him until you arrive at the correct distance from the final position of the coil. To prevent movement of the cable, you could put some small cable ties at the fairlead, or if you have a hot glue gun, you can put a little at the holes of the grommet.
You can now upload the coils on the carrier and push the filament in the cable until it exits the end wire sensor.

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