Here's the procedure to change the IP address on Raspberry PI3 model B
nb. Please consider that keys may not correspond with those of your keyboard

  • Start the Raspberry and wait all uploads
  • Log in with a user entering with the user "pi"Press enter and enter the password"raspberry"(Note that while entering the password, you'll have no feedback input characters, it is normal, then type raspberry and press enter)
  • Now type "sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf"And press enter, you will be prompted for the password again, then enter"raspberry"And press enter
  • At this point you open a text editor to edit the file, scroll through cursors at the end of the text, go to the head and write these four lines:
    interface eth0
    (The one at the end is a zero)
    static ip_address= (Put the address of your choice)
    static routers=
    static domain_name_servers=
  • Written these lines, you can press the key combination "Control+X"And confirm that you want to save by pressing"Y" and then "ENTER"To confirm the name
  • At this point you can either give the command "/etc/init.d/networking reload"Or simply make a reboot of raspberry
  • Upon reboot the address of the same will be written on the static line ip_address

If you use putty, Will be sufficient to connect to the raspberry inserting the current IP (generally and entering on port 22, once connected you can perform the same procedure above.