First you must unplug the printer from the computer and plug it into a USB socket on the LAN module of the same. There will therefore be a USB cable that passes from the body with the power lever to the one with 4 usb plus the LAN attack.

Once you do this you have to connect with a network cable LAN module to your router or any network switch with which even connect your computer.

From your computer or another network device type into a browser address (or whatever you have manually assigned if different).

A web interface to your printer dialog box. At the top right of the window to log in with the credentials:

User: 3dprn

Password: 3dprn

On the left side of the page you will see the Connect button we go to press.

Once you are connected to the printer, the bottom left of the page you'll find a Upload button from which you can upload a previously generated with the program Gcode 3DPRN-WARE.

To start printing a file loaded, click on the print located on the right of the file name loaded to print. To view the webcam connected to one of the other four USB ports of the LAN module, navigate to the Control tab located in the upper part of the interface.