Changing the LAN module network parameters

The LAN module 3DPRN printers, if any, has the default network settings. The default IP address for the connection is "".

If you need to change the network parameters, the steps to follow are:

  • Add your computer to a secondary IP address that is on the network segment to zero (for example, and as the gateway)
  • Download putty, a software that will allow you to send commands to the network via LAN module
  • In putty, you have to start a default IP address of the LAN connection module (in most cases port 22
  • After connecting, will appear with a command-line screen; When prompted to login, you must enter credentials: USER: PASSWORD more: raspberry
  • Once you logged in you must send the command "sudo nano / etc / network / interfaces"
  • By submitting this command will open a text file. If the file is already a part like: auto eth0 inet eth0iface StaticAddress To change the network parameters just browse the file and write the new parameters to be set. If this part is not present, you can insert at the end of the file. If the file is present instead a command similar to: includes boot / octopi-NETWORKS.TXT, then the previously described operations may be performed within this file.
  • To save the network parameters, simply press Ctrl + O
  • To restart the module, you must send the command "sudo reboot"
  • Remember to delete the secondary IP on your PC after completion of the operations

If you still do not feel confident in modifying network settings, or it is not very practical, you should enlist the help of a systems architect or a professional who takes care of networks.

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