3D PRINTER LAB-X2 MILL - extruder and milling in the same printer

The 3D Printer LAB MILL X2 is the only* 3D printer that combines the additive technique with the subtractive.
First axis is for printing, the second axis has a mill to obtain a perfect object. Two tools in one printer: extruder and mill.

* Patent Pending PE2015A000006


  • Advanced Kinematics: speeds are up to 4 times faster than in the past, reaching 400mm / sec, with maximum accelerations up to 10,000mm / sec ^ 2. Being a closed loop hybrid servo system, you have more precise, smooth and safe movements with automatic position control.
  • Touch Screen: new embedded control system with 7 ″ touch screen for advanced management of the 3D printer.


Whatever the configuration chosen for your machine, you can subsequently upgrade to implement new options or increase the print volume.


3DPRN introduces you to the 3D Printer Professional LAB X2 MILL!

Unique. The 3D Printer 3DPRN, in contrast to other printers on the market, has a completely independent Z-axis (it has not the printing plane that rises or the X and Z axes that go down together) that allows you to print objects in sequence or turn your 3d printer into a real CNC machine.

With sequential printing by area you can make small series productions and the objects obtained are structurally more resistant. Fully expandable, from a minimum print area of ​​320x470x220mm, you can go up to 900x600x500 ..

Save your investment. It doesn't matter which 3DPRN 3d printer You have purchased, it can be later upgraded to the higher model and/or to the latest version.
On the Z-axis it can be mounted any type of extruder.

Indestructible. The 3DPRN 3D printers are made with standard 15x15x2mm aluminum profiles, plexiglas / aluminum corners and high performance professional linear guides.

Extruder. Directly guided, with 1.75mm or 3mm filament and nozzles ranging from 0.15mm to 1.4mm. Thanks to the quick couplings supplied, it is very simple and quick to change the extruder.

Use it as a CNC machine. The 3DPRN 3D printer has a strength that permits its use as a CNC milling machine. it is advised to use this feature with H2 and H3 models..

Advanced Kinematics. We have introduced new advanced kinematics that makes our 3D printer up to 4 times faster than before. Moreover, this system allows the user a total control over the movements, so in case of sliding of the axes, the system will retrieve instantaneously its nominal position to continue printing correctly. The printing speed depends on the material used and the geometry of the object. To optimize the works at certain speeds, the system is supported by a proprietary 3DPRN software, constantly updated.
The system speeds reach 400mm / sec while the maximum accelerations 10,000mm / sec.

Display Touch Screen: new embedded control system with 7 ″ touch screen for advanced management of the 3D printer.

Web application principal functionalities:

  • processing print files queues in complete autonomy.
  • Remote use of the 3D printer
  • Visual access to the print through web camera

Percentage and dynamic fill:
This function changes the filling percentage in the vicinity of the closing layer. Find out more

Dynamic height of layers:
Change the print parameters to adapt the layer height according to the inclination of the object surfaces. Find out more

Integration with UPS:
Not a feature but a useful tool for the creation of perfect prints preserving the printer welfare. Find out more

This functionality allows you to solve any type of approximation on the positions and sizes in Z. Find out more

Designed to simplify inclined or undercut surfaces printing. Print on air will allow you to perform these objects without the help of supports, guaranteeing the project definition and fidelity. Find out more

The possibility of combining the subtractive technology with the additive technology of 3D printing Find out more

Designed in order to carry out checks at the start of each print and during the time necessary for its finish, this hardware/software feature will alert you in case of:

  • Printing material breakdown
  • Malfunctions (caused by the coil block)
  • the material loaded on the printer is not enough to complete the work started

Laser system capable of detecting both anomalies of the material deposited during printing and the leveling of the floor. Find out more

Printing mode that allows you to create objects with different types of knurled finish. Find out more

Technical specifications

Technology . Fdm-Fff
Frame . Open, Closed, Box
Flat Type . Carbon fiber, Polycarbonate, Ultem, Aluminum, Glass
Work areas for H2
(height 220mm)
. Open:
Lab 34, Lab 54, Lab 64, Lab 66

Lab 43, Lab 45, Lab 63, Lab 65, Lab 93, Lab 95

Work areas for H3
(height 310mm)
. Open:
Lab 34, Lab 54, Lab 64, Lab 66

Lab 43, Lab 45, Lab 63, Lab 65, Lab 93, Lab 95

Work area for H5
(height 500mm)
. Lab 66, Lab 96
Drives . Hybrid Step Servo, Kinematics advanced (with position control and automatic correction)
Speed . Maximum accelerations 10.000mm / sec2;
Speed ​​up to 400mm / sec
Axis 1 . 1 2 Extruders, Extruder
Axis 2 . 1 2 Extruders, Extruder
Extruder Type . Steel (up to 320 °), Aluminum (up to 420 °)
Filament Diameter . 1.75mm, 3mm
Nozzle . Steel, Brass
Nozzle Diameter . 0.15 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm,
1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm
Optional . 7 ″ touch screen, Customizable print area, Smoke extraction, Desk, Laser profile check, Roll weights, Smart Power, Vibrating print, Feeler, Heated environment, Heated bed, End of thread sensor, Display with cursor
Materials . POMC, PLA, PETG, PLA-FLEX, TPE, TPU, POLICORD, thermoplastic with carbon fiber, thermoplastic with marble, thermoplastic with aluminum, PVA, conductive graphene, thermoplastic with coconut, thermoplastic with ebony, thermoplastic with olive, thermoplastic with gypsum , Laywood, Porolay, Moldlay, thermoplastic with Bronze, ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, PMMA, HIPS, Polypropylene, etc.
Connection . Usb + Lan / Web
Data disclosure . Attention, the data on this page may be subject to changes

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