• Professional 3D Printer impress3d
  • Professional 3D Printer 3d Impress
  • Professional 3D Printer 3d Impress
  • Professional 3D Printer 3d Impress
  • Professional 3D Printer 3d Impress
  • Professional 3D Printer 3d Impress
  • Professional 3D Printer 3d Impress

PRINTER 3D IMPRESS3D - Spectacle Press

A new project was born in the house 3DPRN, the printer for 3D printing glasses, dedicated exclusively to optical industry.

The printer Impress3D, Model LAB CLOSED X2-MILL is specific to the printing of glasses, can directly into your optical store. The printer Impress3D is characterized by the automatic tool changer and arched 3D printing, in response to that need. It also comes with Owner 3DPRN software, customized specifically for such use. To date it is possible to propose a machine able to realize custom glasses and to measure, with the advantage of offering to your customer, an innovative eyewear, customized and optimized costs and times. There are many options and additional tools which can be equipped with this machine, even on request.

A completely new methodology, based on FDM technology 3D printing, for production of glasses directly in your store.

More information https://www.impress3deyewear.com/?lang=it


3DPRN presents the 3D printer to print IMPRESS3D glasses!

Unique. The Printer IMPRESS3D has been designed and realized ad hoc for the 3DPRN 3D printing of glasses.

News. The optician has the ability to print in-store eyewear tailored for the customer. It is first scanned the face, on which the customer can then customize the frame, choosing the color, the rods in cello or metal, the outer surface (glossy, matte, natural). The optician does not buy the glasses, but the package containing the filament for printing, the type of auction accompanied by case and microfiber. This gives the opportunity to print glasses downloading any model of the various available Brand.

Time realization of the glasses: 3 to 7 hours (press and cutter).

Milling. It includes a cutter to rectify and improve the quality of the eyeglass frame printed.

Customized owner software: 3DPRNWARE own personalized software for the printing of 3D glasses.

®Materiale. Acetate. registered patent.

®Lampada. Lamp that heats the material. registered patent.

®MILL - Advanced system for 2.5D and 3D Milling The possibility of combining the additive subtractive technology of 3D printing. registered patent.

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