The LAB-DESK is the advanced base for your 3D printer.
-Made for your 3D printer
-Illuminated environment with temperature control for the stock of filaments
-Set up to supply the printer with the material needed directly from the LAB-DESK


3DPRN vi presenta LAB DESK!

When your 3D printer is very big, it becomes difficult to place it on a norrmal desk as it needs a lot of space,from this need the project LAB-DESK is born.

It provides a correct support position thanks to its adjustable feets that guarantee a perfect planarity. Furthermore the 3D printer will be attached to the the LAB DESK with some screws and they will become a single frame.

The LAB DESSK is made to be used as a coils warehouse.
In fact You will have the possibility to control the internal temperature in order preserve better Your filaments. Furthermore you will have the possibility to feed the extruder with filament directly from the Lab DESK deposit.

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