Using the sensor end thread

3d printer

If, during a mail interruption the feeding of the extruder material or finish the coil material, the printer will stop the print job, with an acoustic signal.

During this pause, we will have the opportunity to reinsert the wire into the extruder body. You can easily load a new coil of material as the extruder is left at temperature and the toothed wheel that allows the extrusion remains unlocked. Once you have reloaded material into the printer, you can resume the printing process by pressing the appropriate button.

For printers equipped with Electronics PRO, this button is the same that you interact with the front display:

3d Printer

On other printers the button is placed at the back of the printer on the box of the circuit:


For how the process you must have purchased and activated wire detector option in the parameters of slice the parameter "check presence filament".


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