3DPRN designs a new advanced kinematic system, V4, increasing the speed and precision of 3D printers.

The new 3DPRN 3d printers are now characterized by a new advanced kinematics, V4, which introduces higher speeds and precision than the previous ones.

3DPRN professional 3D printers, thanks to this innovation, are now up to 4 times faster compared to the previous ones. Furthermore this system allows the total control over the movements: in case of axis slippage, the system will instantly recover its nominal position to continue printing correctly.
The speed of the system reach 400mm/sec while acceleration maximum well 10.000mm/sec. The printing speed depends on the material used and the geometry of the object.

The system is supported by an internal software owner of 3DPRN, the 3DPRN-WARE for a quick and accurate management able to enhance every detail, constantly updated to optimize the workings at these speeds.

To meet customer needs, 3DPRN is constantly updated, innovating and renewing its technologies. All new 3DPRN professional 3D printers are now produced with this advanced kinematics. In addition, for all those who already have a professional 3D printer without such a system, they can request theupgrade on their 3D printer, keeping up with innovations.

More information about V4 https://bit.ly/2kIk9yV