TPE/TPU and rubber printing

Tpe/tpu and rubber printing, it is best to use a 3 mm extruder. With 3DPRN you can still print such materials also with standard extruders only from 1, 75 mm by implementing some measures and getting down to some trade-offs:

  • Print at a very low speed: with TPE you tend to never go beyond the 15 mm/s in all phases of printing
  • Do not use too small nozzles: usually for printing of rubbery materials should not drop below 0.4 mm diameter of extruder
  • Use steel nozzles: the rubbery materials tend to slide better steel nozzles instead of standard brass nozzles
  • Do not make retractions: you should invalidate the extruder retractions when printing
  • Print at high temperature: it is better to print at the highest temperature the permissible range by material used
  • Avoid crushing overly layers: you should not subside ever under a layer of 0.5 x < height > nozzle diameter

However bear in mind that printing TPE/TPU and rubbery materials with plodders for 1.75 mm print can be high percentages of failings.

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